Putting citizens’ concerns at the heart of citizen science

Science can help communities tackle problems that affect them

Discover the steps

Follow the main phases that make up a Citizen Science project to leverage the power of communities and tackle common concerns


Start with an issue that citizens care about


Co-design the research study and give decisions to citizens


Deploy data collection and human relations


Plan the action to drive changes

Do you need inspiration?

Spin the roulette and discover new tools to get inspired!

In this toolkit you can find a collection of tools and activities to engage citizens in different stages of a citizen science project. Download the resources needed to carry out the activities and adapt them to your project goals.

Understand how health and environmental conflicts were generated in the past through HISTORICAL RESEARCH

CitieS-Health Lucca Pilot

Acknowledging citizens’ contributions through CO-AUTHORSHIP

CitieS-Health Lucca Pilot

Crowdsource citizens’ concerns through scientific (but fun!) SURVEYS

CitieS-Health Barcelona

Integrating citizen science in schools through the SCHOOL TECH-DAY EVENT

CitieS-Health Ljubljana Pilot

Ask what decisions participants want to make through the DECISION-MAKING CANVAS

CitieS-Health Barcelona Pilot

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Citizen Science Play Kit

A set of bite-sized cards to spark creativity in citizen science and learn more about the resources provided in this toolkit.

Build your our own adventure, combining the Tools and Tip cards to tackle the problem that affects your community.

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