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4.3 Legacy

Your project is coming to an end but you wish its results to last over time. The legacies of a project can be varied and of different natures. Good examples of legacies are sharing resources to enable other groups of citizens to replicate the experiment, instilling a narrative of sustainability… Read More

4.2 Action

We have embarked on this journey driven by the belief that citizen science can contribute to tackling common concerns. The ultimate goal of our actions is thus to drive change in order to improve people’s lives and the planet.  In this phase, participants work together to propose courses of action… Read More

4.1 Dissemination

In the previous phases you have analysed your data and inferred some interesting conclusions. You are now eager to disseminate the results widely. Dissemination of the project’s results should leverage different vehicles in order to reach the four most relevant audiences: scientific community, public authorities, civic society, and industries. Keep… Read More