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2.3 Governance

When you started this project, you embarked on a journey of making the scientific process more democratic. This entails an important reflection with your community about how decisions are made during the project development. What role do citizens (want to) play? What decisions are shared with them? What are the… Read More

2.2 Tools

The previous interactions outlined what data must be collected and how (i.e. with which instrument). You now need to source and/or design the actual tools employed for collecting the relevant data. At this point you might ask yourself: Do I need professional tools to collect the data at stake? Could… Read More

2.1 Study protocol

In this phase, you want to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to design an experiment that allows them to address the research question previously selected. The help of scientists in this phase is crucial, as they can help us to obtain reliable and high quality results. The main outcome… Read More