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3.3 Impact assessment

This step focuses on assessing the impact of the pilot at different levels. This includes a reflection on what goals have been achieved and to which extent, and any other expected or unexpected (positive and negative) outcomes. What’s important is to engage the community in this reflection, setting with them… Read More

3.2 Data analysis

This phase should start as soon as the first instances of data are collected and recorded. While the nature of the research question dictates the appropriate methods for analysis, a cornerstone for this phase is to give an opportunity to proactively engage participants in this process.   Citizens might think that… Read More

3.1 Data collection

Everything has been planned: we know what problem we care about and on which we want to build scientific evidence, we know what data we need to build such evidence, we know what tools to use, we have identified who can help us, and we are all enthusiastic and ready… Read More