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2.3 Governance

Give citizens a voice in decision-making

When you started this project, you embarked on a journey of making the scientific process more democratic. This entails an important reflection with your community about how decisions are made during the project development.

What role do citizens (want to) play? What decisions are shared with them? What are the rights and accountabilities of each individual and entity involved? Who has rights over the data collected and the results?

This phase consists in debating these issues together with the community involved in order to establish the main rules that govern the development of the project.

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You can use a combination of methods to identify the most concerning issue. Each of them will be most suitable for achieving certain purposes.

Ask what decisions participants want to make through the DECISION-MAKING CANVAS

CitieS-Health Barcelona Pilot

Democratise decision-making processes in science through a CITIZEN COMMITTEE

CitieS-Health Lucca Pilot