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3.1 Data collection

Launch the data collection

Everything has been planned: we know what problem we care about and on which we want to build scientific evidence, we know what data we need to build such evidence, we know what tools to use, we have identified who can help us, and we are all enthusiastic and ready to contribute. Let's start collecting data!

This is an important phase for citizen engagement. Keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Collecting data needs to be perceived as a meaningful and entertaining activity by your participants. Plan your actions accordingly.
  • In cases the data collection campaign is scheduled to last for a long period of time, keeping participants engaged is of paramount importance.
  • It is crucial to further spread awareness and recruit more participants beyond the ones involved in the previous stages.

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You can use a combination of methods to identify the most concerning issue. Each of them will be most suitable for achieving certain purposes.

Collect people’s food habits through COMMUNITY MEALS